RAM Colosseum

Within the complex, RaM Colosseum's main hall has a feature that makes us unique in the entire city: a hídraulic auditorium with a layout that is able to changed upon request, both vertically, both horizontally in order to offer variouus options for seating and function.

The first option provides row seating for 630 persons or can alternately be arranged as a ballroom ( 800 sqm, 42,5 sqm length) with banquet style seating with the capacity of 600 persons. In order to guarantee maximum comfort and functionality in an auditorium setting,the auditorium seats are equipped with armrests and mobile mini desks for writing, moreover each contains a separate back pocket designed to hold conference materials and notes up to B4 format. A second option includes having the seats removed from the hall by means of the hydraulic lifting system to form a completely new arrangement which creates 4 m terraces and leaves a 300sqm stage. In this formation, with the layout of the room combined with the use of the gallery, 440 people can be hosted banquet style.

Address: 1133 Budapest, Kárpát u. 23.
Phone number: +36 (1) 2225253
Fax: +36 (1) 2225254
Email: ram@experidance.hu
Contact: Balázs Gőcze
Position: Event director
Type of spot:
Parking possibility: The colosseum has a 2550sqm underground garage
Other facilities: The 150sqm panoramic grill terrace ont he first floor offers panoramic views and can also be covered up by sunsreen upon request.

Conference room

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