Castle Garden Bazaar

After a recent development, the Castle Garten Bazaar today is a genuine cultural site and a sophisticated entertainment district right by the Danube at the foot of the Castle Hill.

The reconstructed historical building complex and the connecting gardens form a World Heritage Site. A modern and multifunctional 900 sqm event hall is the highlight of this complex. A neo-renaissance garden hides a special open-air stage and a contemporary pavilion restaurant.

The event-hall melds the original structural elements designed by Miklós Ybl with the state-of-the-art architectural achievements of the modern days. The antechamber of the hall is an exposed concrete box, where one side reveals the original buttress while the other side is covered by enlarged pieces from the Hartmenn-Schedel World Chronicle from 1493 that contains the first authentic depiction of Buda Castle. The two ends of the antechamber are occupied by a buffet desk illuminated by soft tone light-columns. The antechamber also has two wardrobes both painted to a turquoise blue colour, connected to the three-level subterranean garage.

Useful area of the event hall: 900 sqm
Useful area of the antechamber: 880 sqm
Inner height: 6.38 m
Grand-stands: 2.40 m long and 14.15 m wide. 256 pcs of chairs (two sets on both ends of the hall, 512 altogether) with a maximum weight limit of: 80 kg/ppl.
Scenery lift: base 2.8m x 3.79 m (door height 2.65 m) maximum load: 3000 kg
Cargo lifts: size: 1.5x2.7 m, maximum load: 2000 kg, 26 ppl.
Panorama elevator: 1.6 m diameter, maximum load: 900 kg, 12 ppl.
Roof build-up: 2.6 x 2.6 m screen
Info and alarm: built-in loudspeakers in the antechamber and in the toilets – 3 different channels + alarm signal
Natural light: none
Internet: wifi for 800 users under basic settings, but may be optimized
Doors of the hall: 2 m wide, 6 m high (double doors, outer door swings, inner door slides)

Address: 1013 Budapest, Ybl Miklós tér 6.
Phone number: (+36-1) 225-0554, (+36-1) 356-1773, (+36-1) 356-1991