Bálna is a commercial, cultural, entertainment and leisure centre. A meeting point and a place for experiences.

It connects downtown and inner Ferencváros, the tourist zone and the gastro-zone. It has a unique way to create an intimate contact with the Danube. The building is a characteristic attraction, as well as the sight of the city from Bálna. The architect who designed the building, Kas Oosterhuis is one of the most well-known representatives of today's non-standard architecture. The feature of this style is that buildings also function as sculptures, cityscape elements.
The interior shaping of Bálna faithfully reflects today's holistic approach: steel, aluminium and glass, yellow-burned bricks, bone-coloured concrete and silk-grey aluminium surfaces, mirror-polished concrete and wood flooring, terazzo-pattern staircases and chrome steal escalators reflect the sunshine that lights through the transparent glass ceiling, thus uniting inner and outer space; the art of catering and artistic vision, the joy of shopping and the happy sight. The air of Danube, the sunshine on the terraces, the unique panorama, the special stores, the fresh gastro-cult odours and the joy of arts: a place for unlimited experiences. One of Bálna's specialities is its fantastic lookout point, which remains unseen from below.

Address: H- 1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12.
Web: www.balnabudapest.hu
Contact: Ms. Réka DOBOS
Phone: +36 30 604 4491
E-mail: dobos.reka@bfvk.hu

Conference room

Name Theater Banquet Classroom Reception U-shape Size Technical equipment
Big event hall 1000 600 - 1000 - 1.100  
Small event hall 350 300 - 400 - 400  
Roof terrace - - - 200 - 200