Mondial Destination Management Company

MONDIAL Budapest is a Hungarian destination management company. Belongs to Mondial Travel that has offices in Vienna, Prague, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Milano. Our company takes all the advantages of belonging to an internationally based DMC, with 45 years of knowledge of the market. At the same time our size, and 35 years of local experience, makes us flexibile and guarantee promptness and precision of our answers. Founded in 1998 by Reisebüro Mondial GmbH and Vassilis Paskos. Specialized on: - incoming destination management - incentive tours in Hungary - business travel - spa and thermal treatments - cultural & musical programmes - congress management For more information please visit our web site:

Address: 1052 Budapest, Piarista utca 4.
Phone number: +36 (1) 2693322
Fax: +36 (1) 2694039
Superior's name: Mr Vaszilisz Paszkosz
Position: executive
Registration number: 1889/1998
Type: DMC, event promotions office
Services: reservation and contract - venues, reservation and contract-hotels, technics, interpretation, signage, local administration, transport, facultative programmes, pre- and post convention tours, budget planning, tax and legal issues, contact with authorities, printing, excursions professionals , social events, ladies' programme
Membership in professional organization: Association of Hungarian Travel Agents and Tour Operators, MABEUSZ
References: • Mazars, 2011., Budapest, 230 pax, hotel, transfers, meeting services, social programs • EasyConference, 2012., Budapest, 33 pax, hotel, transfers, meeting services, dinners, • Dataductus, 2012., Budapest, 16 pax, hotel, transfers, meeting services, dinners • Telenor, 2011., 2012., 2013., Budapest, 31-15-17 pax, hotel, transfers, meeting services, dinners • PWC, 2012., Budapest, 22 pax, hotel, transfers, meeting services, dinners, • Ramboll, 2009.,2010,2012, Budapest, 37-46-37 pax, hotel, transfers, meeting services, dinners • GE Aviation, 2013., Budapest, 200 pax, transfers, social programmes dinners
Spoken languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian
Number of participants: Under 500 ps, 500–1000 ps