AIM Group International Budapest Office - AIM Group Hungary Ltd.

Our office is member of AIM International Group. Our company provides competent networking and a full-service package in the fields of incentive travels and congress organization, offering solutions for low-number supervisory board-meetings as well as for meetings and trades up to 10,000 participants. Our philosophy is to constantly pursue our client's individual requests in an efficient, flexible, creative and personal way. Present with offices in Brussels, Budapest, Florence, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Vienna and Vilnius we grant an international network of experienced staff, which guarantees the successful outcome of your event. International memberships: ICCA, IAPCO, INCON, SITE and MPI.

Address: 1055 Budapest, Balassi Bálint utca 7.
Phone number: +36 (1) 2662944
Phone number: +36 (1) 2662943
Fax: +36 (1) 2662946
Superior's name: Mr Gianluca Buongiorno
Position: executive
Registration number: CG-01-09-166585
Type: DMC, event promotions office
Services: assistance with bids, prefinancing, insurance, budget planning, tax and legal issues, contact with authorities, printing, on-line registration, traditional registration, on-line call for papers , abstract handling (with judgement surface), exhibitions, speakers, security, pre- and post convention tours, reservation and contract - venues, reservation and contract-hotels, local administration, transport, PR, press, marketing, social events, technics, secretarial services, excursions professionals , ladies' programme, signage, other, facultative programmes, interpretation, website, traditional call for papers
Membership in professional organization: MPI, IAPCO, ICCA, SITE, MABEUSZ
References: ESOPRS Congress – 2014, 500 pax - PCO services, social programs AIVA – 2014, 220 pax, incentive – hotel, transfer, social programs, dinners Kyocera – 2014, 110 pax – transfer, social programs, dinners with entertainment IAML – 2014, 140 pax – social programs, dinners with entertainment ARROW Electronics – 2010-2013, more events, 75-200 pax - transfers, dinners and gala dinners, social programs, teambuilding PwC UK – 2010-2013, Budapest, more events, 50-500 pax - gala dinner in outside venue, technique, transfers, programs, entertainment, show elements Amadeus – 2013, 200 pax, annual meeting – hotel, outside venue, dinners, transfers PSV – Eindhoven football team, board, sponsors and media – 2010. October, Budapest, 100 pax - hotels, catering, transfers, programs, team buildings Motorola UK – 2010 January, Budapest, 230 pax - transfers, programs, gala dinner in outside venue, programs, entertainment, show elements 47th AIJA Congress (The only global association for young lawyers), 2009. August, Budapest, 450 pax – bid, presentation, budgeting, registration management, hotel and venue management, graphics & design, social program, gala dinner, on-site management Segurcaixa Holding – Caifor – 2009. May, Budapest, 2 x 120 pax - hotel, catering, gala dinner with technique and entertainment, social programs, transfers Carbon Black Rally - 2008, 2009, Budapest, 100-100 pax – hotel, programs, gala dinner & party
Spoken languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
Number of participants: Under 500 ps, 500–1000 ps, 1000–2000 ps