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Green Conference Centres

In Europe

SZTE Conference Center - Szeged

REC Conference Center - Szentendre

Grimaldi Forum - Monaco

Estoril Congress Center - Portugal

Outside of Europe

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre - Australia
Arlie Conference Center - USA
Colorado Convention Center - USA
Dawid L. Lawrence Convention Center - USA
Oregon Convention Center - USA

Associations, initiatives



Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria

Green Meetings Industry Council

European Travel Commission

Sustainable Travel International

Green Hotel Association

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Green Meetings

Co2 Offsetting

Offset it! Change it! Co2ntra

CO2NTRA was established to provide fast, easy and effective solutions for both business and consumers to neutralize their carbon emissions and actively combat climate change.

Reduce what you can. Offset what you can't. Carbonfund

Whether your event is big or small, will work with you to calculate and offset your event to make it a CarbonFree® event! Events are great opportunities to educate people about simple ways to reduce carbon emissions as well as learn about new ideas. By taking the meaningful step of making your event CarbonFree®, you serve as an inspiration to event attendees to make changes in their lives. Further, you gain a great opportunity to market your environmental commitment to the outside world, with the help of our experienced and well-connected communications team.


Calculate the environmental impact of any printing job.
Eco Savings Calculator

Calculate your carbon footprint from flying, driving, hotel stays, events, and energy usage.
Carbon Footprint Calculator

Convert any energy savings measurements into everyday comparisons (e.g., saving 5,000 gallons of gasoline is equivalent to eliminating the energy used to run 4 homes for a year).
Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Calculate the environmental savings associated with switching to recycled paper.
Environmental Calculator

Calculate the cost savings and environmental impact of reducing individual water bottle usage.
Bottled Water Cost Calculator