Budatours Travel Agency

The Budatours Tourism Ltd. was founded in 1989 by György Hertzka in 1989 based on his remarkable experience in tourism with the desire to offer high quality services to his clients by utilising the extensive knowledge and many years of experience he gained in tourism. Now days the company's professional management is now carried out by By now, his son, András Hertzka took over the management of the company . who has acquired András took a degree in higher education in tourism. Budatours Ltd. is present in the tourism market as a destination manager company from its founding. The Company has been operating as a Destination Management Company (DMC) since its inception. We specialise in organising and delivering incentive and thematic trips From the beginning our main activity is organizing trips for to groups arriving mainly from francophone countries to Hungary. This includes mainly the organization and implementation of incentive trips. These groups usually spend a short period of time in Hungary therefore theyir stay is are often limited to visit sights in Budapest only, however, whenever possible, but we endeavourtry to introduce them show our dear guests the rest to other parts of the country as well. Our partners are mainly large French companies, but however recently we have wittnessed an increase in interest for our services fromour Belgian, Swiss, American, and English companies partners numbers have been increased. Organizing thematic trips is also one of the most important sectors of the Ccompany. It is n our experience that following their our first trip to Budapest, timer guests clients return to Hungary with a clear idea of what they want to do during their next stay. developed and well designed vision of their stay here. For them w We offer them provide a wide range of thematic trips, the solutions. The most popular of them being common thematic tours are: active leisure activities, wellness and medical tourism recreation, gGastronomy, Wwine tours, art and music (spring and summer) festivals), Rreligion, Ffolklore and tradition. Our company has a long tradition of organizing sporting events. We gained a considerable amount of experience extraordinary in organising experience from numerous international and domestic sport events as the Company contributed to the successful arrangement of major national and international that were held here. Among these we contributed to 2 world cups, numerous European sports events, such as 2 world cups, several European sport events, Worl Medical and Health Games, World football cup of Lawyers, World Corporate Games, Atomiade-2006 and the UEFA Congress.

Address: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 2.
Phone number: +36 (1) 3747070
Fax: +36 (1) 3747077
Email: budatours@budatours.hu
Superior's name: Mr András Hertzka
Position: executive
Registration number: R-0081/94/97
Type: DMC, event promotions office
Services: organizing shopping tourism, providing security service, organaizing wine- and gatronomic tours, others, organaizing pre- and post tours, providing optional programmes, rural booking and making contracts on the spot, booking and making contacts with hotels, planning packages, organizing golf programmes, medical programmes, providing traditional registration, keeping contact with authorities, administration on the spot, organizing programmes in hobbies, planning ladies-, youth-, adventure-, castle-, monument-, bicycle programmes, exhibiton organizing, planning and calculating congress budgets, providing personal transportation, organizing and vending cultural-horse programmes, event organizing, partizipation in writing competitions, senior-, ski-, special- sport programmes organizing, planning professional study tours, organizing group events, providing: technical devices, interpreters, organuzing fairs, planning web pages, organizing wellness programmes
Membership in professional organization: MUISZ (Institution of Hungarian Tour Operators, MABEUSZ (Hungarian Incoming Organizer's Institution)

References: 2002: - World Medical and Health Games, 6500 pax, Budapest, 2003: - MC'Donalds France Conference, 500 fő, Budapest 2004: - World Indoor Championship in Athletics, 4000 pax, Budapest - MUNDIAVOCAT Lawyers' World Football Cup, 1500 pax, Budapest 2005: - Calvin Klein product tour, 250 pax, Budapest - UNILEVER Presentation Conference, 220 pax, Budapest - Benfica vs Győr Football qualifying, 90 pax, Győr - UEFA Congress, 450 pax, Budapest - Hajduk Split vs Debrecen football qualifing, 90 pax, Debrecen - Real Madrid, 80 pax, Budapest - Swedish national eleven, 70 pax, Budapest 2006: - UEFA Conference, 150 pax, Budapest - World Corporate Games, 3000 pax, Budapest - BNP Paribas Conference, 300 pax, Budapest - IBM Partner meeting, 330 pax, Budapest 2007: - SFR Conference, 320 pax, Budapest - Manitou Conference, 900 pax, Budapest 2008: - Wold Synchronized Skating Championship, 600 pax, Budapest - Expanscience Conference, 360 pax, Budapest - Danish football qualifiying match, 100 pax, Budapest - BEST of Event incentive group, 210 pax, Budapest - Fenerbahce -Mtk football qualifiying match, 40 pax, Budapest 2009: - Feu Vert incentive Group, 200 pax, Budapest - Expanscience Confernce, 300 pax, Budapest - Seminaire, 200 pax, Budapest - WBO Congress, 200 pax, Budapest - AIGLE presentation, workshop, 110 pax, Budapest 2010: - Gemalto meeting, 100 pax, Budapest - Bird & Bird Gala dinner, 250 pax, Budapest, 2012: FIFA Congress with 1100 pax, 2014: European Synchronised Skating Championship with 800 pax
Spoken languages: English, French, German
Number of participants: from 0 to 100 pax, from 100 to 500 pax, from 500 to 1000 pax, from 1000 to 2000 pax, over 2000 pax