Safe, Excellent, Five-star: This is What Foreign Tourists Say About Hungary

One picture is worth more than a thousand words, but one personal experience is worth more than a thousand pictures: this is the motto of Hungarian Tourism Ltd's new video message. Hungarian tourism's recent record results are not merely figures: the country's popularity is due to the openness of the people who live here, its traditions, the quality of its infrastructure and its natural features.

The aim of the documentary-style, approximately six-minute-long video addressing people of all ages is no more and no less than to show that in 2015 Hungary, in the heart of Europe, is a safe, relaxed, clean, welcoming and popular destination, where it is a real joy, a true experience to be a tourist.

Apart from the executives of Hungarian Tourism Ltd, tourists from Singapore, Austria, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Canada, Australia, Israel and London take the main roles in the video, released in Hungarian, English and German versions. These foreigners enthuse about their experiences, encounters and feelings of being a tourist in Hungary.

The scenes, which were shot at some of Hungary's major tourist nodes, give the world a true picture of the current sights and services visitors to the country can expect.

The tourists in the video willingly speak of Hungary's hospitality, gastronomy, attractions and things to do, its amenities, safety and the overall quality of services. The image of the country which we are happiest to present to the world was also clearly outlined by the people in the video: in Hungary "there is a perfect harmony between new and old, tradition and history," commented an Austrian tourist.

Thus Hungarian Tourism Ltd's strategic aim of creating an image of the country which focuses on national assets and traditions while incorporating these into tourist attractions in a modern sense and showing Hungary as a tourist destination that appeals to people of all ages and target groups fits the needs of tourists well.

Dr. Péter Faragó, the CEO of Hungarian Tourism Ltd, laid stress on revitalised services and public safety in the film, saying: "In the last few years many improvements have been made across the country as well as in the capital and we see the results now. Budapest has never received as much international recognition as in recent years. Budapest has become one of Europe's most popular cities. It has a unique geographical location, a wide variety of architecture, high quality services, and a very good public safety record."

Besides the sights and attractions of the capital, the new video naturally draws attention to the treasures in more rural settings outside Budapest as well.

The video message highlighting the diversity of Hungary's excellent tourist services is distributed through all Hungarian Tourism Ltd's online channels and foreign representations for the whole world to see that in the autumn and winter of 2015 Hungary continues to be a safe, peaceful and friendly tourist destination that is a rewarding and pleasurable place to visit.

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